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Thulopatal Secondary school in Salle village is located in the district of Thulopatal V.D.C. Ward no. 2 and was established in a simple shed in 1959 by our community of villagers headed by our Village committee Chief Mr Ranglal Tamang with Mr Padam Bahadur Tamang becoming the first formal teacher in 1965.

The school quickly grew and Mr Jaya Tamang and our villagers built a simple school building to accommodate 2 teachers who were provided by the district education office. However, due to lack of money the school could only provide primary level education. This justify our children with no opportunity for secondary education unless their families could afford to send them to board up to 40kms away from the village. However, this was only for a few of our children as most of us villagers could not afford to pay for secondary education.

A mass meeting was held and we agreed to try to seek help from independent trekking clients and tourists coming in to contact with villagers working as porters and trekking guides such as Dan Tamang, Govinda Tamang and Sukman Tamang . This proved successful and lower secondary education began in the school in 2007. Thanks to these kind donors, tourists friends and to our hard work and determination, gradually lower secondary level classes were introduced, more buildings and resources were added to the school and by 2011 more than 50 of our students have passed SLC Examination.

It has taken a little over 50 years for our school to develop this far and now we ask for your help to take our vision further, and to be able to provide full secondary education to our children.

The ethos of our village of Salle and our school is to try to provide our children with continuous quality education that is relevant to their lives. We want to help our community to grow additional and sustainable skills from among our own children. We wish to better ourselves through our children from a poor ,back ward, ethnic community into a better future for all our families.

The future survival community of our village depends on the ability of our children and young people to be able to secure good employment locally, in wider Nepal or even abroad. Thus enabling them to be able to support their families in the village, and contribute to the development of our community.

Please do what you can to help us with any donation you may wish to give, and know you will be helping our community to survive and grow and build a better future.

Thanks you and please ask any questions you may have.

I had meet Dawn in 1991 during Everest Trek in Nepal. She was with her husband visited on holiday .Lang tang 2006, Tumbling tar to Khumbu Everest 2001. They had very fantastic trip in Nepal and went to the village to visit Village school and people. We have talk to them about the village and some help from them. Therefore, they both agree to help our School and also Drinking water project too. They are very kind people. So if you are likely interested to help our poor village you may contact Dawn Edmond then you will get more Information.

Dawn Edmonds

Contact Address: - United Kingdom

14 cap Thorne Park


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Tel: 441743352723

Jane is a kind person. I meet her in 2004 in Nepal. She had helped our school every way she could. We had a trek at Lang tang and Annapurna, Mustang and other region too. She had visited our sale village and school. In 2004 I had visited Great United Kingdom. I had stayed her home a week. This time we talk about the school. During the time the school was running lower secondary level. School building was not very good in condition, it was very old and class room was dark. So she had told me and had the agreement about Nepali Handicraft to sell at Manchester city in UK. So I had sent her the Handicraft. Now our school has two new building and nice class room with light. She has also visited our school. Now our school is running higher secondary level. She is still helping to our school. It has been many year we are doing handicrafts business with her. Therefore I would like to say if you would like to help our school than pl z you may contact Jane Whitaker then you will get more Information and details.

Jane whitaker




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